Wajdi Zoghbi

BA in Product Design, Academie Libanaise Des Beaux Arts (2016)
MA1- Global Design, Ecole De Condé (Lyon), France (2017)

After graduating from ALBA as a product designer, Zoghbi moved to France to continue exploring the design world and enrolled in a Global Design research and innovation master’s program. Zoghbi’s work has evolved over the years to incorporate photography which remains proper to the simplicity and practicality found in his designs. The photographic series Selene, transmits the artist’s emotions and subconscious thoughts into images. In his statement, Zoghbi affirms ‘I am extremely conscious of the smallest details as much as the overview of the final canvas. From the grains and noise on the final photo, I seek beauty in imperfections, I try to reflect the light that my eye catches in black and white, the infinite sensibility of the monochrome specter, as well as the geometric lines that reflect the simplicity of my work and engrave my own personality in the photos’.