Tarek Haddad

b. 1991

BA in Photography, Notre-Dame University

Tarek's work is inspired and driven by the constant questioning of emotional and relational human conducts. The projects developed result in a rumination regarding the human engagement with their environments, in both spatial and cultural aspects. His work also considers and ponders upon the experiences of the personal and collective memory, and thus act as a contextualized invitation to speculate, through personal perspectives, onto common matters that interest and relate to us all. In 2015, Tarek's “Debatable Storage Syndrome” series was shortlisted for the Byblos Bank Award, and he was recently selected for the forth cycle of the Arab Fund for Arts & Culture Arab Documentary Photography Program grant. He has participated in group shows at Art Factum Gallery and Galerie Janine Rubeiz, where he also had a solo exhibition "Vesica Piscis" in 2017. Tarek was selected to be part of a workshop with Franco-Algerian multidisciplinary artist Halida Boughriet which resulted in his project “Neoplasticity” being shown in a group exhibition at Biel during Beirut Art Fair 2016.