Nadine Kanawati

b. 1984

BA in Fine Arts, Lebanese University
MA in Fine Arts, Lebanese University

With an interest in advocacy, civil rights and her experience serving on the board of several non–profit organizations, Nadine showcases the malaise of being stuck in an eternal and endless cycle through the use of tires in her most recent work “A Vicious Circle”. Her goal for this series was to criticize the burning of tires, a reaction commonly resorted to in the streets of Lebanon, as a menacing social and behavioral phenomena. Nadine also teaches different art techniques and gives art therapy workshops, sharing her passion and making others believe in the power of creativity. As an avid painter and illustrator, Nadine has put together many stories and schoolbooks for children including her short story books and series, “Silsilat al Oulama Al Arab”. Two of her most prominent exhibits were the 2005-2007 paintings exposition at the THEMA Art Gallery in Beirut, as well as the painting exhibition at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Lebanese University in 2015-2016.